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             MFP-8000N is a pocket size eight RF band direction finder aimed to precisely detect the physical location of target cellular phone captured by IMSI and IMEI catcher, covertly operating at known dow ARFCN channel.   User Manual MFP-8000N   

    Extended operating time (from 5 hours)
    Increased dynamic range:
         o 3G, LTE 115 dB
         o LTE 130 dB
         o 2G 130 dB
     RF sensitivity:
         o 2G, LTE -110 dBm
         o 3G -93 dBm
     Operates across GSM, UMTS, and LTE bands:
         o GSM-E 900-1800 MHz
         o GSM-A 850-1900 MHz
         o UMTS Bands:1(2100),2(1900),4(1700                                        AWS),5(850),8(900),10(1700-AWS+)
   LTE bands:1(2100),2(1900),3(1800),4(1700)                              5(850),7(2600),8(900),10(1700),12(700),20(800)
    Dimensions: 128x69x22 (mm)
    Antenna1:
         o Gain 3 dBi
         o HPBW 120

Hand-held finder is a compact and cost-effective radio direction-finding device for target mobile handset’s location tracking when used in combination with GSM or catcher system when captured mobile stays with GSM, UMTS, LTE catcher system at known ARFCN uplink channel. This equipment can be used along with any known type of GSM, UMTS, LTE IMSI and IMEI catcher.Highly sensitive receiver module allows extending the search radius to 50...1000 meters2. Receive panel antenna is sized TBD mm. It can be placed covertly either under a suit or inside a small handbag/briefcase along with MFP-8000N receiver unit. The antenna is assembled in a waterproof case. Android smart phone is managing MFP-800N GSM, UMTS, LTE receiver over Bluetooth interface. It provides four types of feedback for the user: through a headset connected directly to the device via Bluetooth or wired, or through the built-in telephone speaker or its headset.

Judge the details.

Anatoly Vasilievich Romenko
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