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YIG SYNT top view 2018 size800                                                                                                                   YigSynt 200

YigSynt 200 is a high performance synthesizer module which operates over the frequency range from 160 MHz to 20 GHz with the frequency resolution as fine as 0.001 Hz. The module is built around a fundamental 10-20 GHz YTO (YIG tuned oscillator) which yields no subharmonic products and excellent broadband phase noise (<-140 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from 10 GHz). But an even more important advantage of the YigSynt is its excellent phase noise at close-in offsets across the entire frequency range. This synthesizer uses a top-class grade A 100 MHz OCXO in combination with a unique multi loop PLL technology which allows for achieving <-95/-124 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz/10 kHz offset from a 10 GHz carrier. The spurs are specified at <-70 dBc in the main frequency band (10-20 GHz) and drop 6 dB further down with each frequency division stage reaching a value of <-94 dBc in the 0.625-1.25 GHz frequency band. The YigSynt provides calibrated output power from -10 dBm to +10 dBm with less than +/-1 dB uncertainty and 0.5 dB adjustment step. Harmonics are lower than  -30 dBc at the maximum rated output power. The module is intended for use in various communications and test systems where the signal purity of the signal source is a primary concern. It is controlled via USB interface (the control software is included in the package). It comes in a robust aluminum milled case and operates over the frequency range of 0…+50°C. The module does need a heat sink.


Parameter Description


Parameter Value

Frequency Range

160 MHz – 20 GHz

Frequency Step

0.001 Hz

Frequency Stability




Output Power Range

-10 dBm…+10 dBm

Output Power Uncertainty

+/- 1 dB

Output Power Adjustment Step

0.5 dB

SSB Phase Noise

1 GHz carrier

10 GHz carrier

1 Hz offset

-55 dBc/Hz

-35 dBc/Hz

10 Hz offset

-80 dBc/Hz

-60 dBc/Hz

100 Hz offset

-115 dBc/Hz

-95 dBc/Hz

1 kHz offset

-135 dBc/Hz

-115 dBc/Hz

10 kHz offset

-142 dBc/Hz

-124 dBc/Hz

100 kHz offset

-142 dBc/Hz

-124 dBc/Hz

1 MHz offset

-150 dBc/Hz

-140 dBc/Hz



Spur Level

10 – 20 GHz

-70 dBc

5 – 10 GHz

-76 dBc

2.5 – 5 GHz

-82 dBc

1.25 – 2.5 GHz

-88 dBc

0.625 – 1.25 GHz

-94 dBc

0.16 – 0.625 GHz

-100 dBc


<-90 dBc


<-30 dBc at the maximum rated output power

Tuning Speed

5 ms (between any frequencies)

Power Supply Voltage (Volts)

+18 V

Current Consumption (mA)

2400 mA

Operating Temperature Range


Input / Output Connectors

RF OUT 2.92 mm (f), 10 MHz REF IN/OUT SMA (f)

Control Connector

Mini USB

Power Supply Connector


Case and Dimensions

Milled Aluminum Case 180 mm x 160 mm x 34 mm


                                                  YigSynt Phase Noise Plots at Various Frequencies

YIG SYNT phase noise ANAPICO 2018june27 english

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