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Ultra Low Phase Noise Oven Controlled Quartz Oscillator

The ELV-OCXO 100 ULN is a high performance oven controlled crystal oscillator which features excellent frequency stability and ultra low single sideband phase noise. The oscillator provides more than +18 dBm of output power and draws 250 mA in the steady state from a +15V power supply. It comes in a compact aluminum milled form factor and operates over the frequency range of 0…+50°C







Parameter Description


Parameter Value

Operating Frequency

100 MHz

Warm-up time

(to achieve the nominal frequency)

<15 minutes

Frequency Stability after warm-up




Frequency Pulling Range


Output Power

+18 dBm (+20dBm typical)

Output VSWR

2.00 (<1.5 typical)

Output Impedance

50 Ohm

Output Waveform



<-60 dBc

Phase Noise

Offset Fm





1 Hz

-70 dBc/Hz

-80 dBc/Hz

10 Hz

-105 dBc/Hz

-110 dBc/Hz

100 Hz

-135 dBc/Hz

-140 dBc/Hz

1 kHz

-157 dBc/Hz

-162 dBc/Hz

10 kHz

-170 dBc/Hz

-175 dBc/Hz

100 kHz

-175 dBc/Hz

-180 dBc/Hz

Power Supply Voltage (Volts)

+15 V

Current Consumption (mA)

340 mA (during warm-up)

250 mA (after warm-up)

Operating Temperature Range



Milled Aluminum Case 44 mm x 44 mm x 15 mm


                                                                                    TYPICAL PERFORMANCE GRAPHS.

                                                                               ELV-OCXO 100 ULN Typical Phase Noise

ELV OCXO 100 ULN Typical Phase Noise

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